Privacy Policy

CityXpress and The West Briton, Cornish Guardian and The Cornishman recognizes the importance of our users' privacy and takes this matter seriously. This statement explains our privacy policy and data-protection practices. It is important for CityXpress and The West Briton, Cornish Guardian and The Cornishman to safeguard its users' privacy while providing a personalized and valuable service. It may be necessary for CityXpress and The West Briton, Cornish Guardian and The Cornishman to collect personal information to satisfy the expectations and requirements of its users in order to provide an interactive experience and to communicate with them.

Registration Information: what information is collected and why?

You must register to place bids. Registration requires your full name, address, phone number and email address. This information will be used to contact you in the event that you are a winning bidder, and will be shared with the newspaper and the business sponsoring the item. You will be assigned a unique User Name that allows you to place bids and follow their progress in bidding. NOTE: This User Name may result in you being identified by others. If you do not want to be identified you should not participate in the online marketplace.

When filling out the registration form, you are given the opportunity to elect to receive promotional opportunities from online marketplace vendors. By clicking and ticking the tick box, a user may opt into this service. After the conclusion of the online marketplace, those who have opted in to this service may be sent promotional offers from online marketplace vendors, the newspaper featuring the online marketplace, or CityXpress .

You are also requested to provide information regarding your age, gender and whether or not you are a subscriber to the newspaper sponsoring the online marketplace. This optional information is aggregated and used for statistical purposes only.

When paying for a winning bid, additional information such as a credit card number may be collected from you. This information is collected solely for the purposes of allowing the user to pay for the product or service on which they are the winning bidder. The credit card information is not stored in the online marketplace system once the transaction is processed.

Registration Information: will my information be communicated to any third parties?

All information collected is for the sole use of the newspaper, online marketplace vendors and CityXpress. This information will not be communicated to any other third parties without your written consent.

Use of cookies

Information is also automatically collected about your browser behavior through the use of cookies. This information is collected in aggregate form only to analyze site traffic.

Cookies are small pieces of textual information that a web site transfers to a user's hard disk for record-keeping purposes. Cookies can make a user's experience more useful by storing information about the user's preferences on a particular site. The use of cookies is an industry standard practice and many major sites use them.

More Information

If you have concerns or questions about this privacy policy, please contact us.