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$50 Gift Card

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Oct 16 2018 at 08:00 PM
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t-fa650 1 $25.00 Reserve met
j-sa102 1 $25.00 Reserve met
g-ma481 1 $25.00 Reserve met
c-ga117 1 $25.00 Reserve met
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k-wa705 1 $25.00 Reserve met
p-oa100 1 $25.00 Reserve met
j-ka797 1 $25.00 Reserve met
r-ta667 1 $25.00 Reserve met
l-ra867 1 $25.00 Reserve met
s-pa768 1 $1.00 Reserve not met
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d-ka712 1 $1.00 Reserve not met

$50 Gift Certificate to World of Wheels!

World of Wheels is a locally owned and operated family business. We are dedicated to supporting the Twin Ports area by providing a safe, supervised environment for families and kids to have fun. We take pride in our friendly customer service and ability to offer roller skating, a video arcade, redemption counter and the WOW Café with your favorite snacks & refreshments.

Gift Certificate excludes Birthday Parties, Holidays, and Special Events.

1218 Oakes Ave
Superior, Minnesota 54880
Telephone: 715-392-1031