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CityXpress Premier FAQ

Thanks for being a CityXpress Premier Member. Below are answers to our most frequently asked questions. Please click a question to reveal its answer. If you can't find the answers to your questions, please contact our support team and we’ll be happy to help.
Why should I register?
To purchase offers on our site you must register. Registered users earn Reward Points that can be used to bid in our CityXpress Rewards Store to win cool products. Registration improves your experience on our site, as it makes purchasing easier and allows us to offer the most interesting products and services for our registered users.
Why do I have to use my name?
Your name is printed out on your receipt and the vouchers you purchase and on the vendor's list of purchasers. A merchant may request identification to ensure that the voucher being presented is valid.
Is my information safe?
Yes, your name, contact information and credit card information is safe. We use encryption technology to ensure that your order is processed in the most confidential and secure manner. We only provide names of purchasers with no other contact information to vendors so that they can verify the use of each voucher, unless you purchase from a vendor who directly ships their products. In the case of direct-shipments, you will be consenting for us to provide your email and ship-to address to the vendor.
Why can't I log in?
To be able to log in, you must first register on our website.
If you haven't already registered, please do so here.

If you've already registered, please log in with your email address and password. Please note that your password is case sensitive. If you need a reminder of your password, please go here.
How do I refer a friend?
To refer a deal to a friend, please follow the instructions below:
Log into your account.
If you do not have an account, you can register for an account for free here.
  1.  Go to the deal that you want to refer to your friend.
  2.  On the right side of the deal's page, look for the "Share Today's Deal" box.
  3.  Click on either the email, Facebook, Twitter or +1 icon to refer the deal to your friend.
If you have any questions, or require further assistance, please feel free to contact us.

Daily Email Subscriptions
How do I unsubscribe?
To unsubscribe from our daily emails, click on the 'unsubscribe here' link at the bottom of the daily email. If you are a registered user you may also log in to My Account and select My Subscriptions and deselect the cities you'd like to unsubscribe from.

How do I pay?
On the deal page, click the 'Buy' button to get to the payment page. If you are not logged in, you will be required to log into your account. On the payment page, please fill out the quantity that you wish to purchase and enter the name of any gift recipients. Complete the payment information section by filling out all the required fields such as the credit card information, and billing address. Please note that your billing address on the credit card must match the address that you used to register. You may opt to have CityXpress store a copy of your credit card information securely, so you do not need to re-type it on future orders. For online deals that will be shipped directly to you, you will also have to fill in your Ship-To address.
What happens after I purchase?
For Premier Deals, we authorize your credit card for the amount of the purchase and then your card is charged when the offer has ended. For XpressDeal Offers, your card is charged immediately. You will receive an email when your voucher is ready and you are are able to redeem your deal. Please be sure to follow the redemption instructions and follow any Know Before You Buy rules that are printed on your voucher.
Why is my credit card not going through?
Please ensure that the name and address on the credit card matches the name and address that you used to register on our site. Also, you may need to update your credit card information if a replacement card was issued, as your expiry date has changed.

Voucher Management and Redemption
Here are answers to the most asked questions about the rules around the usage of vouchers. These answers are applicable to all deals unless over-ridden under Know Before You Buy.

Check back frequently, as you may find your question added to the list!

How do I get my voucher?
To print your voucher, please log into your account, click on 'My Account' then 'My Transactions'. From there, you'll be able to see the offers you purchased, and can print the voucher. Note that for Premier Deals, your voucher will not be ready to print until the deal has closed.
Can you change the name on the gift voucher?
No, unfortunately, once a transaction is complete, we can no longer make any changes. Please contact the vendor directly, and let the vendor know your situation. If further assistance is required, please feel free to contact us.
I cannot use my item before the expiry date!
Please contact the vendor to make alternate arrangements. If a resolution cannot be made, please let us know and we'll try to assist. The vendor is obligated to honor the purchase value (the price you paid) after the expiration date of the deal. However, the promotional value (the difference between the voucher value and the purchase price can expire (please see our Terms of Sale).
If I change my mind, can I change my order?
Yes, but only if you send a request to before the close of the offer period for the applicable deal.
What is your refund policy?
Generally, within 30 days of your purchase of a Voucher, CityXpress shall issue a refund for the Purchase Value to your credit card. From the 30th day up until the 90th day after your purchase, CityXpress shall issue a refund for any unredeemed Voucher(s) by issuing a store credit in the amount of the Purchase Value to your user account. Download fees for coupons are not refundable. Our full refund policy is set forth in the Site’s Terms & Conditions.
Can I present the voucher on my mobile phone?
Select the voucher on your mobile phone and click Present to Vendor. The Voucher ID and the Voucher PIN Number is pre-filled and vendors need just enter their Vendor PIN # on your device and press the Redeem button. The voucher will be validated and a message will be displayed on your phone accepting or rejecting the voucher. Please wait for this message. The voucher will automatically be 'Marked as Used' in your account.
What is "Mark as Used" in My Account?
When you have used a voucher you can mark it as used in My Account/ My Transactions. This helps you and the vendor keep track of your vouchers to ensure that each is only used once.

Vendors can also mark vouchers used through mobile voucher presentation by recording them as used through our Voucher Management System after they have been manually recorded on the vendor's purchaser list.
If there is a limit of one per person, can I buy multiple vouchers as gifts?
You may buy multiples as gifts, but only to the limitation stipulated on a per person basis. In case of a limitation of one per person, you could buy one voucher for each of any number of friends, but only one. In the case of a higher limitation, the same rule applies – for example, if the limitation was three per person, you could buy up to three for each of one or more friends.

Vouchers bought for friends will show their name (as you entered it on the order form) as the person entitled to receive the services purchased by you on their behalf. You may access the voucher by signing into your account and clicking on My Transactions. You may either print the voucher and present it your friend or email it to yourself and forward it to them.

Please respect the vendor's purchase limits and not buy higher multiples for yourself or others. Your name is printed on the vendor's Purchaser List and the vendor does have the right to refuse service to those who try to circumvent this rule.
If taxes are additional, are they added to the pre or post-discounted amount of the bill?
This may vary depending on the regulations in your area but in most cases taxes would be applied to the pre-discounted amount of the bill, for example a $100 service bought for $40 would be taxed on the $100.