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Punch Card for Soup A Day - 12 Total Cups of Soup
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Offer Information (ID #33)
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Mar 29 2021 at 08:00 PM
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a-pa838 1 $25.80 Reserve met
s-wa850 1 $25.80 Reserve met
k-ba377 1 $25.80 Reserve met
s-pa429 1 $25.80 Reserve met
t-ga899 1 $25.80 Reserve met

Punch card for 12 total cups of soup. Limit one cup of soup per day. No cash value. Expires 12/31/2021.

NOTICE: Any sales tax or title/licensing requirements is NOT included in this price and will be collected directly at this business upon receipt of this item.

224 1st Avenue SE
Aberdeen, South Dakota 57401
Telephone: 605-622-0607