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5 Pack Light Therapy
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Sep 17 2019 at 08:00 PM
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Photobiomodulation, Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), Red Light Therapy, Photo Therapy, and Photo Medicine are all valid names for the Full Body Light Therapy system we offer at West Omaha Cryotherapy.

So what is it?

Each session entails standing or sitting in between our state of the art, medical grade, FDA approved light panels for 10-20 minutes. These panels project red light and near infrared light at specific wavelengths (red @ 660 nm & NIR @ 850 nm) that have been clinically proven to activate various intra-cellular pathways leading to a multitude of unbelievable health benefits. Studied by NASA and proven across over 5,000 peer reviewed independent studies, Full Body Light Therapy can help you look younger, heal faster, and feel better!

Skin health
Fat Loss
Muscle Recovery
Athletic Performance
Injury Healing
Testosterone Boosting
Thyroid Function
Joint Pain Relief
Inflammation Reduction
Eye Health
Brain Injury